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As experts in facial anatomy, we use Botox treatment to help people look and feel their best. With our in-depth understanding of the face’s underlying muscles and structures, we are well-versed in eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, making us the natural choice for Botox treatment in Richboro.

At Richboro Family Dentistry, we treat much more than just teeth. From reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to treating conditions such as TMD, botox is a tool that helps us eliminate pain and restore confidence.

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What is Botox Used for?

Our patients turn to us because we are experts in everything to do with facial anatomy, making us the natural choice for Botox treatment in Richboro. While many view Botox injectables as just a cosmetic procedure, we use it to treat numerous conditions, from targeting fine lines and wrinkles to relieving the symptoms of TMD.


We aim to identify the root cause of each patient’s pain and help them alleviate it for good. From masseter Botox for TMJ to using Botox injectables to enhance overall appearance, Botox treatment is an extremely versatile option.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Dr. Glenn Miller and Dr. Brittany Miller are skilled at identifying the signs of teeth grinding, which damages teeth and overall dental health. Some people don’t even know they have the habit until the pain becomes unbearable, which is why we prioritize effective treatment methods like Botox to treat both the discomfort caused by teeth grinding and, most importantly, reduce clenching.

Gummy Smiles

Through our decades of experience, we specialize in all facets of people’s smiles, including gummy smiles, which can make a person extremely self-conscious. At Richboro Family Dentistry, we take the psychological toll of people wanting to hide their smiles extremely seriously. Botox injectables can be a great, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that lessens the appearance of overexposed gums.

Enhanced Overall Appearance

With our decades of experience and attention to detail, patients trust us to enhance the overall appearance of their smiles, which we do by identifying all the factors that make a person feel self-conscious, such as fine lines and wrinkles.


Benefits of Botox

Rapid Results

You’ll see rapid results after your botox treatment at Richboro Family Dentistry, with our patients achieving their dream results within a few days.

Minimally Invasive

Many of our patients choose to come to our dental practice for Botox as it is a minimally invasive treatment done through fine-needle injections that yields impressive results.

Fast Procedure

As dentists, we know that any medical procedure can be anxiety-inducing. With our expertise, we perform Botox treatments quickly but effectively.

Versatile Solution

As medical professionals, our biggest priority will always be your overall health. While we love the artistry of using Botox as a cosmetic solution, it goes far beyond reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. From treating temporomandibular joint disorders to migraines, our team will advise you on how Botox could help treat your symptoms.


Botox at Richboro Family Dentistry

At Richboro Family Dentistry, we follow the latest trends in our industry so that we always provide optimal care to everyone who walks through our door. Utilizing our personalized treatment plans, we educate every patient on the most cutting-edge solutions that meet their needs. Call our office today and make an appointment to learn more about Botox treatment in Richboro.


Sleep & Airway Solutions in Bucks County

As part of our commitment to our patients’ overall health and quality of life, our sleep and airway solutions save lives. With our decades of experience, we know that part of being a family dentist means we are often the first line of defense against sleep-related breathing disorders. We are experts at detecting the signs of these dangerous conditions and offer treatment options to stop these potentially life-threatening disorders from destroying people’s health.

Sleep & Airway Solutions
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