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Inspiring Healthy Smiles in Bucks County

With our decades of experience and compassionate approach to family dentistry, we are committed to transforming lives one healthy smile at a time. We are passionate about inspiring healthy smiles and offer a comprehensive range of family and cosmetic dentistry services, from restorative, periodontic, and cosmetic dentistry to Botox injectables and dental sleep medicine. Having been in operation since 1985, we have learned one thing for certain: once you fix someone’s smile, they can’t stop smiling.

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Personalized Family Dentistry Done Right

Our dedication to family dental health goes beyond the walls of our Bucks County practice. We empower patients with the knowledge and resources they need for a lifetime of optimal oral health. With customized treatment plans, expert guidance, and ongoing care, we help our patients achieve healthy and aesthetically pleasing smiles.

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We Care for the Whole Family

As a family dentist clinic, our passion is treating the whole family, from children to seniors. With our comprehensive treatment plans, we offer compassionate and specialized care to every family member, big and small.

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Generational Dental Care

We treat our patients like family because we are one. Since 2022, Dr. Glenn and Dr. Brit Miller have served the Bucks County community as a father-daughter duo. At Richboro Family Dentistry, we have created a multi-generational dental practice with a legacy of patient-first care that we plan to continue for many years to come.

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Sleep & Airway Solutions in Bucks County

As part of our commitment to our patients’ overall health and quality of life, our sleep and airway solutions save lives. With our decades of experience, we know that part of being a family dentist means we are often the first line of defense against sleep-related breathing disorders. We are experts at detecting the signs of these dangerous conditions and offer treatment options to stop these potentially life-threatening disorders from destroying people’s health.

Sleep & Airway Solutions
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You’ll Love It Here

We have served the Bucks County community since 1985 for all their dental needs. With our decades of experience in family dentistry, we are unphased by even the most complex issues. We are seasoned professionals here to provide top-notch, compassionate, and judgment-free care to everyone we meet. From booking an appointment to sitting in our chair, we create a calm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

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We look forward to meeting you. Call 215-322-0440 or request an appointment online to set up your first visit. We’ll be in touch soon.

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